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Dear Arkansas Educators,
On behalf of the Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) team members, I would like to take the occasion of Teacher Appreciation Week to thank you for your dedicated services to students, parents, colleagues, and the communities of Arkansas. Because of your selfless service we are on the pathway to transforming Arkansas to lead the nation in student focused education.
In addition to expressing our appreciation, the team at ADE wants to let you know that we are working to be more informative, supportive, and connected to educators across the state.As you can see below, we are doing this in a variety of ways. 
I encourage you to visit the ADE website at New items are being posted daily to the site. You can see a one-page summary of the postings every two weeks by reading the ADE newsletter available at  
You may also be interested in signing up to receive direct notifications of new Commissioner’s memos. Go to and click subscribe in the top right hand corner.
We hope you will join us on Facebook and Twitter Many more communication tools are available on the ADE website at  
You may be especially interested in the My Child/My Student Campaign. There is a monthly newsletter available that you can share with your parents. See these tools at
The ADE Quick Links can be downloaded to your phone or tablet. This will give you quick access to the ADE Acronym Translator and many other tools that you may find helpful in your interactions with parents and colleagues.
Finally, I hope you will join me in celebrating amazing educators by participating in the Teacher Impact Celebration. Instructions are available on the ADE website at
Again, thank you so much for your service to students. You are changing lives every day.  


Johnny Key, Commissioner





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