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What are eligible services and what is the eligible services list?


Only certain products and services, used in certain ways, are eligible for Schools and Libraries Program support. Eligibility is based on criteria established by statute and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules. The FCC publishes an Eligible Services List each year. The following is an overview of product and service eligibility and includes references to other documents that provide additional details. Product and service eligibility highlights include:

  • How a product or service is used can affect whether or not the product or service is eligible.
  • Each of four separate categories of service (telecommunications, Internet access, internal connections, and basic maintenance of internal connections) has its own rules for eligibility.
  • Details about funding priorities, competitive bidding, and internal connections eligibility should be understood by applicants.

The Eligible Services List contains further information to guide applicants and service providers.


The Conditional Nature of Eligibility

Eligibility for support requires not only that the product or service is eligible, but that it is put to an eligible use and that it is used by an eligible school or library entity at an eligible location.

The Eligible Services List is one of the key documents that indicate the products and services that can receive funding and the acceptable uses for those products and services. For example, the Eligible Services List indicates that some types of software - such as software for a network operating system - can be eligible for support, while other software - such as application software for word processing - is not eligible. Another example on the Eligible Services List indicates that cable for connecting classrooms to a network can be eligible, but cable for electrical wiring is not eligible.

An entry on the Eligible Services List indicates whether a product or service is eligible and under what conditions that product or service is eligible.


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