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What is Form 470?


Form 470 is a Description of Services Requested and Certification. The form serves the same purpose as a publicly posted request for proposal (RFP). The Form is the first form to be submitted to USAC/SLD and must be posted for at least 28 days prior to submitting Form 471. The form describes the service(s) a School/Library applicant is seeking.

Posting the Form 470 is the way telephone service providers and internet service providers find out you are interested in their services and E-Rate reimbursement. Form 470 is normally submitted between October to early January, and aligns with the Form 471 filing window (November – early February).

Form 470 allows applicants to describe requested services from the Eligible Services List such astelecommunications, internet access, internal connections, basic maintenance of internal connections,and miscellaneous services.


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