Johnny Key

Commissioner of Education

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Informational Documents

The Arkansas Department of Education is pleased to provide these informational documents pertaining to the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). Please share them.
  1. 1. Every Student Succeeds Act - A Guide to the Arkansas Plan (PDF) | The Arkansas State Plan (PDF)
  2. 2. No Child Left Behind vs. Every Student Succeeds Act (PDF)
  3. 3. Notes on Arkansas' ESSA Plan - A Handout for Parents (PDF)
  4. 4. Timeline: Arkansas, ESSA and Our Pathway to the Future (PDF)
  5. 5. Vision for Excellence in Education (PDF)
  6. 6. Theory of Action (PDF)
  7. 7. Cycle of Inquiry (PDF)
  8. 8. Arkansas Academic Standards (PDF)
  9. 9. State Assessment System (PDF)
  10. 10. What is ESSA? (PDF)
  11. 11. Grade Spans and Grade Configurations (PDF)
  12. 12. What is the ESSA School Index? (PDF)
  13. 13. Weighted Achievement (PDF)
  14. 14. School Growth Explanation (PDF)
  15. 15. Adjusted Cohort Graduation Rate (PDF)
  16. 16. School Quality and Student Success (PDF)
  17.    • 2017 School Quality and Student Success (SQSS) Components by Grade Span (DOCX) (PDF) posted 3.13.18
  18. 17. 2017 ESSA School Index and Indicator Summary Statistics FINAL (PPTX) posted 3.13.18
  19. 18. 2017 Business Rules for Calculating the ESSA School Index Scores FINAL (DOCX) (PDF) posted 3.13.18
  20. 19. ESSA Presentation to Co-ops (PPTX) (PDF)
Webinar: May 7, 2018, referenced in Commissioners Memo LS-18-093
  • Professional Judgment Rubric-Exit Criteria Guidance 5.7.18 from 1:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. (PDF)
  • Webinar Recording 
Webinar: April 11, 2018, referenced in Commissioner's Memo RT-18-028
Webinar: April 6, 2018, referenced in Commissioner Memo COM-18-080
  • School Quality and Student Success (SQSS) indicator in the Arkansas ESSA Plan Webinar 4.6.18 (PPTX) (PDF)
  • Webinar Recording
Webinar: March 1, 2018, referenced in  Commissioner Memo COM-18- 058
Webinar: February 2, 2018, referenced in Commissioner Memo COM-18-053

Webinar: January 9, 2018, referenced in Commissioner Memo COM-18-050

State Standards

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