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Commissioner of Education

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ADE Rules Governing the Arkansas Educational Support and Accountability Act (PDF)

Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate Diploma Incentive Program (PDF)

African-American History And Racial And Ethnic Awareness (PDF)

Alternative Education Special Needs Funding (PDF)

Alternative Pay Programs (PDF)

Appropriation For The Students At-Risk, K-3 (PDF)

APSCN Data Quality (PDF)

Arkansas Better Chance Program (PDF)

Arkansas Child Care Approval System (PDF)

Arkansas Governor’s School Site Selection (PDF)

Arkansas Qualified Teacher Requirements (PDF)

Arkansas Service Learning Program (PDF)

ARkids First (PDF)

Athletic Revenues and Expenditures for Public School Districts (PDF)

Audit Requirements, Publicly Funded Educational Institution (PDF)

Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Devices and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) (PDF)

Automated External Defibrillators, Requirement of Schools to Have (PDF)


Background Checks (PDF)

Best Financial Management Practices Review For Public School Districts (PDF)

Braille and Large Print Textbook Appropriation (PDF)

Business Manager Qualifications (PDF)


Calculation of Smart Core Incentive Funding (PDF)

Charter Schools (PDF)

Child Nutrition Directors, Managers And Workers – Professional Development (PDF)

Closing of Isolated Schools (PDF)

Code of Ethics for Arkansas Educators (PDF)

College and Career Readiness Planning Program (PDF)

Concurrent College and High School Credit for Students Who Have Completed the Eighth Grade (PDF)

Consistency And Rigor In Course Work (PDF)

Consolidation and Annexation of Public School Districts (PDF)

Creation of School Districts by Detachment (PDF)


Declaratory Orders Issued by the State Board of Education (PDF)

Declining Enrollment and Student Growth Funding (PDF)

Diplomas for Veterans of World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War (PDF)

Distance and Digital Learning (PDF)

Distributing Selective Service Registration Forms And Obtaining Reasons For Students Dropping Out Of School (PDF)

District Conversion Charter School New Application 2016 (PDF)

Dropout And Graduation Rates (PDF)

Duty To Report Student Criminal Acts (PDF)


Education Service Cooperatives (PDF)

Educational Excellence Trust Funds (PDF)

Educator Licensure (PDF)

Educator Support and Development - TESS/LEADS (PDF)

Eligibility and Financial Incentives for National Board Teaching Standards Candidacy and Certification (PDF)

Ethical Guidelines and Prohibitions for Educational Administrators, Employees, Board Members and Other Parties (PDF)

Eye and Vision Screening Report in Arkansas Public Schools (PDF)


Federal Program Complaint Resolution (PDF)

Final Close of Public School Financial Records (PDF)

Financial Accounting and Reporting System and Annual Training Requirements (PDF)

Fiscal Assessment and Accountability Program (PDF)

Four-Day School Weeks (PDF)


Gifted and Talented Program Approval Standards (PDF)


Home Schools (PDF)

How to Meet the Needs of Students with Dyslexia (PDF)


Immunization Requirements in Arkansas Public Schools-Kindergarten Through 12th Grade (PDF)

Instructional Materials (PDF)

Insulin and Glucagon Administration for Students Diagnosed with Diabetes (PDF)

Intervention Block Grant Program (PDF)


Kindergarten Physical Screening (PDF)


Loan And Bond Applications (PDF)

Local Education Agency Numbers (PDF)


Master School Principal Designation, Eligibility and Financial Incentives for (PDF)

Mathematics and Science Equipment Grants (PDF)

Minority Teacher and Administrator Recruitment (PDF)

Miscellaneous Funds, Calculation (PDF)


Nutrition and Physical Activity Standards, and Body Mass Index (PDF)


Open-Enrollment Public Charter School New Application 2016 (PDF)

Opportunity Public School Choice Act (PDF)


Parental Involvement Plans and Family and Community Engagement (PDF)

Physical Education Course Credit For Organized Physical Activity Courses (PDF)

Positive Youth Development Grant Program (PDF)

Professional Development (PDF)

Professional Learning Communities (PDF)

Public School Choice Act of 2015 (PDF)

Public School Computer Loan Program (PDF)

Public School Rating System on Annual School Performance Reports and the School Recognition Program (PDF)

Public School Student Services (PDF)


Qualified Zone Academy Bonds (PDF)


Regulatory Basis of Accounting (PDF)

Rewarding Excellence in Achievement Program (PDF)

Rules Governing Enrollment of Military Dependents (PDF)


School Board Zones & Rezoning (PDF)

School Bus Design Specifications (2004) (PDF)

School District Requirements for Personnel Policies, Salary Schedules, Minimum Salaries, and Documents Posted to District Websites (PDF)

School Election Expense Reimbursement (PDF)

School Fire Marshal (PDF)

School Worker Defense Program (PDF)

Schools of Innovation (PDF)

Speech-Language Pathologists, Eligibility and Financial Incentives (PDF)

Standards for Accreditation of Arkansas Public Schools and School Districts (2018) (PDF)

Student Discipline and School Safety Policies (PDF)

Student Permanent Record (PDF)

Student Residency Disputes Between School Districts (PDF)

Student Special Needs Funding (Categorical Funding) (PDF)

Subpoenas (PDF)

Succeed Scholarship Program (PDF)

Superintendent Mentoring Program (PDF)

Supplemental Education Service Providers (PDF)

Supplemental Transportation Funds (PDF)


Teacher of the Year (PDF)

Teacher Recruitment and Retention in High Priority Districts (PDF)

Technology Training Centers In Education Service Cooperatives (PDF)

Testing Improprieties (PDF)

Training for School Board Members (PDF)

Traveling Teacher Program (PDF)


Uniform Grading Scales (PDF)


Visual Art And Music Instruction (PDF)

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