Johnny Key

Commissioner of Education

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Test Scores By Year

Scores from 2010

District and School Results

In the following spreadsheets, "xx" denotes that 10 or fewer students were tested. Use of "xx'" avoids inadvertently identifying individual students. For test data not listed, please use data request form.

Augmented Benchmark

  • Statewide District, School and Grade Level Benchmark Results - June 15, 2010
  • Augmented Benchmark News Release - June 15, 2010
  • All Grades' Results within a District - XLS

Grade 11 Literacy

Metropolitan Achievement Tests, Eighth Edition (MAT8)

Stanford Achievement Test, Tenth Edition (SAT10)


State Standards

Learn more about the standards that define the knowledge and skills Arkansas students should have in order to be ready for college and careers.

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Licensure & Certification

Find critical information about renewing Arkansas educator licenses, adding areas of licensure, licensing by reciprocity from other states, background checks and more.

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