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Reading Comprehension and Inference Grade 3-5

Inference Activity Text Analysis for 3rd Grade

Inference Organizer 3rd Grade

Inferring Lesson Plan 3rd Grade

Activity One:

Characters in stories have feelings just as we do.  Discuss with students how we determine the way a character may be feeling in a story.  Ask students to imagine how they would feel, how they might talk, act, or think, in the same situation as the character.  

Ask students one or more of the following:

  • Notice how the character speaks.  How do you think they feel?
  • Tell me how the character is speaking.  What are you thinking about the characters’ feelings?
  • Use a word to describe the feeling.  

Activity Two:

Have students to get in pairs.  One student will be the director, the other student will be the actor.  The director will direct the actor, while the actor is reading a passage.  The director will instruct the actor how to read or perform based on what they have read.  Students will discuss with each other what the character may say or do differently.  

Discuss one or more with the students:

  • Make sure your voice matches the character's voice
  • Act out what the character is doing in the book
  • What does the character do? Act like them.
  • Do you have a new opinion about the character?

Adapted from:

Strategies that Work, Teaching Comprehension to Enhance Understanding

by: Stephanie Harvey and Anne Goudvis

Teaching for Comprehending and Fluency

by: Irene C. Fountas and Gay Su Pinnell

The Reading Strategies Book

by:  Jennifer Serravallo


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