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Home School

The Home School Office was established in October 1999 to promote collaboration between home school parents, public schools and the Arkansas Department of Education. 

The primary responsibility of the Home School Office is to provide information and technical assistance on laws and regulations governing home schools to all interested persons.

Additionally, it is the responsibility of the Home School Office to modify, update and disseminate the Notice of Intent to Home School and Waiver Forms to all school districts before the current school year begins. Parents/guardians are required to file current year pre-printed forms or electronic submission with their local school district superintendent’s office on an annual basis according to state law.

The Home School Office receives home school student data from all 236 school districts. This information may be used only for statistical purposes and test administration. The office compiles and publishes a Home School Report in September of each year that provides enrollment statistics for the previous year.

It is our hope that the information contained herein will assist parents/guardians in meeting the requirements of the home school law and regulations.

The Home School Office considers it a privilege to be of assistance to home school parents, school districts and the general public.

New Notice of Intent (NOI) Online Form Procedures*

Step 1: Use the Notice of Intent Online Form Green Button (below) to access the NEW NOI System

Step 2: All users must create a NEW account.

Step 3: Click the "Create an Account" button found on the NOI Login Page (Users may reuse the username, password, and email that was registered with the old system; however, all users must set up a new account within the new NOI system.)

Notice: ADE is aware that multiple users are experiencing problems using the NEW NOI Online System. If you are experiencing technical difficulties please us the Technical Issues Feedback Form to communicate with the ADE Home School Office.

Child Find Notice (Services for Children With Disabilities)

Public school districts are responsible for identifying and evaluating students suspected of having a disability residing within the school district’s boundaries. This includes children 3 through 21 years of age who are in public schools, private schools, are being home schooled, or are kindergarten eligible, but not enrolled. If your child is having significant difficulty with vision, hearing, speech, behavior, is experiencing slow development typical for his/her age, physical impairments, or learning difficulty, he/she may be a child with a disability. If you suspect your child may have a disability, please contact your local school district to initiate the process for referral and assessment. Additional information about special education, including local contacts for early childhood and school age special education programs can be found at

Home School Training for School District Contacts

  • 2017-2018 Home School Contact Training - This guide highlights the changes made to rules about home school, and also includes a tutorial for school district contacts for putting home school information into the database.

Home School Rules and Laws

Below is a list of the pertinent Arkansas Acts related to the Home School process in the state.  Full documents of these Acts can be found on the Arkansas General Assembly website.  For links to Arkansas and Federal Law sites, please see the Legal Links page.  Based on these Acts, ADE has created Rules Governing Home Schools.  You can find the current document on the ADE Rules Page.

  • Act 635 - Amendments to the Home School Law
  • Act 863 - Concerning the Enrollment or Re-enrollment of a Home Schooled Student in a Public School
  • Act 592 - Concerning the Participation of Home Schooled Students in Interscholastic Activies
  • Act 453 - Concerning the Participation of Home Schooled Students in Interscholastic Activities in Private Schools
  • Act 173 - To Allow a Student Who Attends a Private School or a Home School to Enroll in an Academic Course within the Public School
Related Links Disclaimer: The Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) does not endorse the educational information offered by the organizations listed under the Related Links on this page. The links are provided to assist you with information regarding the home schooling of your child(ren). The ADE is not responsible for the content of any educational material received through these organizations. Please contact these organizations for additional information.

For more information, please contact:

Trish Wilcox, Program Advisor
Home School Office
Arkansas Department of Education
Division of Learning Services
Four Capitol Mall, Mail Slot 6
Little Rock, AR 72201
Phone: 501-682-1874
Fax: 501-371-3514

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