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English Learners

The Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) English Learner (EL) support program is the result of a collaboration among the Division of Learning Services’ Curriculum and Instruction Unit and the Student Assessment Unit and the Division of Public School Accountability’s Federal Programs Unit. This program provides many resources and services to assist schools in their efforts to support ELs in the development of the skills needed to communicate effectively in English both in and out of school.
ADE will work with schools and educational cooperatives to:
  • provide assistance through the Teacher Center Coordinators for professional development of teachers and administrators in the implementation of effective English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) program design and delivery
  • assist, upon request, with ACSIP program planning for ELs
  • coordinate ESOL professional development training
  • convene regional meetings of ESOL personnel to discuss strategies and share resources used to instruct ELs under the Common Core State Standards
  • implement and assess the Arkansas State Board of Education adopted English Language Proficiency Standards
  • provide on-site technical assistance addressing ESOL techniques and strategies

Legal Obligations for Serving English Learners:

Plyler Letter-Children’s Right to Attend School (PDF)
Schools’ Civil Rights Obligations to English Learner Students and Limited English Proficient Parents
Dear Colleague Letter, January 7, 2015 (PDF)
OELA English Learner Toolkit

Special Needs Funding Rules-ELL Funds (PDF)

Arkansas Department of Education ESOL Program Guidance:

ADE ESOL Program Guide (PDF)

Arkansas English Learner Entrance and Exit Procedures

Entry/Exit Manual (coming soon!)
Arkansas Home Language Usage Survey-Required for ALL new students
(Commissioner’s Memo LS-18-083 - Required Home Language Usage Survey, Entry/Exit Procedures, ELPA21 Screener, Summer Training)
Arkansas English Learner Referral (ELR) Form (coming soon!)
Arkansas Professional Judgment Rubric-Exit Criteria Guidance (PDF)
ADE Language Minority Student Exit - Monitoring Form (PDF) (DOCX)

ADE EL Presentations

Data Reporting for English Learners 2018-19 Presentation (PDF) / Checklist (PDF)

*COGNOS Reports Information 2018-19 (PDF)
*EL Data Entry Flowchart (PDF)
*EL eSchool Data Entry New for 2018-19 (PDF)

ESOL Program Guidance Webinar Series

  • Overview of SEA/District Responsibilities Toward Meeting the Needs of English Language Learners (2/2016) (PDF) (Video)
  • Identification and Assessment of Potential ELs (February 17, 2016)  (PDF) (Video)
  • Educational Approach, Language Assistance Program, Staffing, Meaningful Access to Comprehensive Curriculum (3/10/16) (PDF) (Video)
  • Avoiding Segregation, Identifying/Serving Special Education ELs, Addressing Opt-Out Students (March 31, 2016) (PDF) (Video)
  • Exiting/Monitoring Students, Meaningful Communication with LEP Parents, Program Evaluation (April 21, 2016) (PDF) (Video)
English Language Proficiency Standards

English Learner Resources for ESOL Coordinators/Administrators:

Unlocking the Research on English Learners (PDF)
English Language Learners: Shifting to an Asset-Based Paradigm (PDF)
Serving Foreign Exchange EL Students (PDF)
ELL Low-Incidence Guide (PDF)
Research-Based Options for Educational Policymaking: ELLs and Parental Involvement (PDF)
FAQ—Federal Guidance on ELs with Disabilities (PDF)
Arkansas State Guidelines on Non-Discriminatory Assessment and Addressing Educational Needs of ELLs with Disabilities (PDF)

English Learner Resources for Teachers:

ESOL Considerations for TESS (PDF)
Key Principles For ELL Instruction (PDF)

ESOL Student Assessment

The English Language Proficiency Assessment for the 21st Century (ELPA21) tests English Learners (EL) to determine their level of proficiency in the English language. More information on ELPA21 can be viewed by visiting the ELPA21 Page.
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For more information, please contact:

Tricia Kerr, English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Program Director
Arkansas Department of Education
Division of Learning Services
4 North Double Springs Road
Farmington, AR 72730
Office: 479-267-7450 ext 334
Fax: 479-267-7456
Dr. Alan Lytle, English Language Learner Assessment Specialist
Arkansas Department of Education
Division of Learning Services
Four Capitol Mall, Room 301-B
Little Rock, AR 72201
Phone: 501-682-4468

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