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Fuel Education (formerly K12 Virtual School, LLC) Course List

Courses not listed are not permitted for credit under the Digital Learning Act
AP Art History A
AP Art History B
AP Biology
AP Biology A
AP Biology B
AP Calculus AB-Part 1
AP Calculus AB-Part 2
AP Calculus BC-Part 1
AP Calculus BC-Part 2
AP Computer Science A-Part 1
AP Computer Science A-Part 2
AP English Language A
AP English Language B
AP English Literature A
AP English Literature B
AP Environmental Science A
AP Environmental Science B
AP European History A
AP European History B
AP Macroeconomics
AP Microeconomics
AP Physics B-Part 1
AP Physics B-Part 2
AP Psychology
AP Statistics A
AP Statistics B
AP US Government
AP US History A
AP US History B
AP World History A
Art Appreciation
English 1A
English 1B
English 2A
English 2B
English 3A
English 3B
English 4A
English 4B
French I A
French I B
French II A
French II B
French III A
French III B
French IV A
French IV B
German I A
German I B
German II A
German II B
German III A
German III B
German IV A
German IV B
Japanese I A
Japanese I B
Japanese II A
Japanese II B
Latin I A
Latin I B
Latin II A
Latin II B
Mandarin (Chinese) I A
Mandarin (Chinese) I B
Mandarin (Chinese) II A
Mandarin (Chinese) II B
Modern US History Honors
Spanish I A
Spanish I B
Spanish II A
Spanish II B
Spanish III A
Spanish III B
Spanish IV A
Spanish IV B
AP Art History Part 1
AP Art History Part 2
AP Biology Part 1
AP Biology Part 2
AP Calculus AB Part 1
AP Calculus AB Part 2
AP Calculus BC Part 1
AP Calculus BC Part 2
AP Chemistry Part 1
AP Chemistry Part 2
AP Computer Science A Part 1
AP Computer Science A Part 2
AP Environmental Science Part 1
AP Environmental Science Part 2
AP European History Part 1 AP
AP European History Part 2 AP
AP French Language Part 1
AP French Language Part 2
AP Macroeconomics
AP Microeconomics
AP Physics B Part 1
AP Physics B Part 2
AP Psychology
AP Spanish Language Part 1
AP Spanish Language Part 2
AP Statistics Part 1
AP Statistics Part 2
AP US History Part 1
AP US History Part 2
AP World History Part 1
AP World History Part 2
Chinese I Part 1
Chinese I Part 2
Chinese II Part 1
Chinese II Part 2
French I Part 1
French I Part 2
French II Part 1
French II Part 2
French III Part 1
French III Part 2
French IV Part 1
French IV Part 2
Geometry Comprehensive Part 1
Geometry Comprehensive Part 2
Geometry Part 1
Geometry Part 2
German I Part 1
German I Part 2
German II Part 1
German II Part 2
German III Part 1
German III Part 2
German IV Part 1
German IV Part 2
Japanese I Part 1
Japanese I Part 2
Japanese II Part 1
Japanese II Part 2
Latin I Part 1
Latin I Part 2
Latin II Part 1
Latin II Part 2
Spanish I Part 1
Spanish I Part 2
Spanish II Part 1
Spanish II Part 2
Spanish III Part 1
Spanish III Part 2
Spanish IV Part 1
Spanish IV Part 2
AP French A
AP French B
AP Spanish A
AP Spanish B
Chinese I (Competency)
Chinese I (Fluency)
Chinese II (Competency)
French I (Competency)
French I (Fluency)
French II (Competency)
French III (Fluency)
German I (Competency)
German II (Competency)
Latin I (Competency)
Latin II (Competency)
Spanish I (Competency)
Spanish I (Fluency)
Spanish II (Competency)
Spanish III (Fluency)


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