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Social Studies Sample Review Units

Sample review units were created for Grade 8 United States History 1800-1900, United States History Since 1890, and World History Since 1450. These are sample reviews developed using the Inquiry Design Model (IDM). The reviews for each grade/course are intended to take no longer than 5-6 weeks. 

Sample Review Units for Grade 8 Social Studies (U.S. History 1800-1900)

Grade 8 contains a distinct review for each Era, 1-3, and includes reading excerpts, worksheets and graphic organizers under the heading Handouts. Click on the specific Era to obtain the 1 to 2 page inquiry review, which contains a compelling question, supporting questions, formative performance tasks, suggested sources, a summative assessment, and taking informed action optional activity. 

Introduction to Sample Review Units of Eras 1-3 for Grade 8 

Era 1 for Grade 8  


Era 2 for Grade 8 


Era 3 for Grade 8 (Click below for handouts)

Sample Reviews for U.S. History Since 1890

U.S. History Since 1890 contains three distinct review options. Review 1 focuses on change and continuity from the beginnings of our country to 1890. Review 2 focuses on the compelling question “How did conflict and reform shape the United States”? Review 3 takes a thematic approach to change over time from our beginnings through 1890. 

Introduction to Sample Review Units of Eras 1-6 for U.S. History since 1890

Sample 1 Review U.S. History Beginnings to 1890 (Eras 1-6)  

Sample 2 Review U.S. History Beginnings to 1890, Who's America, Whose America

Sample 3 Thematic Review U.S. History from Beginnings to 1890 (Eras 1-6)

Sample Review for World History Since 1450

World History Since 1450 contains one sample review that is divided into 2 sections, Eras 1-3 and Eras 4-5 as students investigate the compelling questions, What makes a society a civilization and a civilization advanced? and In what ways did human interaction lead to the development of complex societies by 1450?

Introduction to Sample Review Unit of Eras 1-5 for World History since 1450

World History Review of Eras 1-5


For more information, please contact:

Maggie Herrick, Social Studies Specialist
Arkansas Department of Education
Division of Learning Services
Four Capitol Mall, Room 202-B
Little Rock, AR 72201
Phone: 501-682-6584
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