Johnny Key

Commissioner of Education

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Webinar Recordings

Assessment Overview 2018-19 Webinar 10/10/18

ACT Aspire Periodic Assessments Webinar 9/18 (PPT)

Istation K-2 Assessment Kickoff Webinar 8/23/18

Renaissance K-2 Assessment Kickoff Webinar 8/22/18

NWEA K-2 Assessment Kickoff Webinar 8/21/18

ELPA21 Dynamic Screener Webinar 7/9/18

ACT Aspire Spring 2018 Testing Update #2 Webinar 4/4/18

ACT Aspire Spring 2018 Testing Update #1 Webinar 3/28/18

ACT Aspire Ordering Paper Tests Webinar 2/28/18

ACT Aspire NEW Interim Reports Webinar 1/24/18

ELPA21 for ESL Personnel Webinar 1/19/18 (RECORDING) (PDF)

National ACT Informational Webinar 10/17/17

ELPA21 Screener Webinar 9/1/17

ACT Aspire Technology Update Webinar 8/30/17

Istation K-2 Assessment Kickoff Webinar 8/25/17

Renassiance K-2 Assessment Kickoff Webinar 8/24/17

NWEA K-2 Assessment Kickoff Webinar 8/23/17

K-2 Assessments for Teachers Webinar 8/3/17

K-2 Assessments: Preparing for the Vendor Fair 2017-2018 Webinar 7/13/17

ACT Aspire "It's a Wrap" Webinar 5/10/17

ACT Aspire "Go" Webinar 4/5/17

ACT Aspire "Set" Webinar 3/29/17

ACT Aspire "Ready" Webinar 3/15/17

Iowa Grades 1-2 Administration Webinar 3/1/17

Understanding ACT Aspire Interim Reports Webinar 2/15/17

MSAA Spring Administration Webinar 2/8/17

Student Assessment Check-In Webinar 2/2/17

ELPA21 Check-In Webinar 1/23/17

ELPA21 TIDE Webinar 1/10/17 (PDF)

General Updates and Aspire Paper Test Ordering Webinar 11/30/16

ELPA21 Student Reports Webinar 11/29/16

  • ELPA21 Reports webinar (PDF)
  • Quick Reference Guide (PDF)

ACT Aspire Periodic Assessment Updates Webinar 11/16/2016

ACT Aspire Rollover Webinar 9/28/2016
Periodic Assessments Webinar 9/23/2016
ACT Aspire Writing Resources 9/21/2016 (PPT) UPDATED
Alternate Science Portfolio Assessment Webinar 9/14/2016
ACT Aspire Rollover Webinar 9/7/2016
MSAA Scores and Report Webinar 8/17/2016
Academic Improvement Webinar 8/9/2016
2016 QELI Administration Webinar 8/3/2016
PSAT/NMSQT™ – Fall 2016 Webinar 4/28/2016
Interim Assessment Programs Webinar 4/12/2016
  • Interim Assessment Programs (PPT)
IOWA Administration Webinar Recording 3/16/16
ACT Aspire Reporting User Roles and Groups 3/9/16
ACT Aspire Schedules and Sessions Presentation 3/2/16
Spring 2016 MSAA Presentation 2/24/16
ACT Aspire Interim Information - 2/19/16
ACT Aspire Accommodations Updates ELPA21 Reasons Not Tested - 2/17/16
Infrastructure Trial Update - 2/10/16
DTC Statewide Training PPT - January 2016 (PDF)
ELPA21 Check-in Webinar 1/25/16 (PDF)
Periodic Recording Webinar 1/19/16
ELPA21 Administration Webinar 1/7/16 (PDF) 
Periodic Assessments Webinar (12/15/15)
ACT Aspire Groups and Sessions Webinar (12/14/15)
ACT Aspire Technical Training Webinar (12/8/15)
ELPA21 Technical Webinar 12/2/2015 (PPT)
  • Video file (MP4) 
  • Note:  The K & 1 writing assessment will be online (~75%) and paper/pencil (~25%).  The online version is taken via mouse-usage (no typing).

Assessment Update and Tips for DTCs using Cognos Files (Webinar 11/30/2015)

Cognos Report for ACT ASPIRE SDU File (Webinar 11/18/2015)

PARCC Scores (Webinar 11/13/2015)

DTC Update (Webinar 10/20/2015)

NCSC Release of the 2015 Score Reports (Webinar 10/14/2015)

Assessment Update (Webinar 9/2/2015)

ACT Aspire Accessibility System: Levels of Support  (Webinar 8/5/2015)


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