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Chapter 48 Section 101 of the Arkansas Education Code defines Alternative Learning Environment as, “an alternate class or school that affords all students an environment that seeks to eliminate barriers to learning for students whose academic and social progress are negatively affected by the student's personal characteristics or situation”.

For an alternative education program to be approved, Chapter 48 Section 103 (a) (1) & (2) states, “An alternative learning environment shall: (1) Assess a student either before or upon entry into the alternative learning environment; and (2) Provide intervention services designed to address a student's specific educational needs.”

The Special Needs Funding Rules Section 4.01.1 states, “Every school district shall provide one (1) or more eligible Alternative Learning Environments (ALE) for all students meeting the criteria of Section 4.02.1”.  The rules expound upon interventions stating in  4.01.2, “An ALE shall provide intervention services designed to address students’ specific educational and behavioral needs”. With stating, “ Intervention services shall include, without limitation, access to the services of a school counselor, a mental health professional, a nurse, and support services substantially equivalent to those provided to other students in the regular educational environment”.

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