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Teacher Induction/Mentoring

The Novice Teacher Mentoring system, a blended-learning environment, is designed to provide a novice teacher (NT) the support of a certified mentor who assists the novice teacher in developing the skills of an effective teacher.

Novice Teacher

A novice teacher (NT) is defined as any licensed teacher of record with less than one school year of classroom teaching experience in a public school, other Arkansas agency, or organization requiring an Arkansas Educator's License. The classroom teaching experience does not include student internship or substitute teaching. All new educators are referred to as novice teachers, regardless of area of specialty (such as a library media specialist or school counselor).


The goal of mentoring is to provide continuous professional growth for the novice teacher. Mentors assist the NT in the implementation of the goals in the Professional Growth Plan, which is developed by the novice teacher and his or her administrator; identification and celebration of strength areas; procurement of resources (both human and material); and identification of professional development opportunities.  

 Mentoring in 2016-2017 School Year

During the 2016 fall semester, all NTs and mentors will work through the updated “Survive and Thrive” resources, now housed in BloomBoard. The “Survive and Thrive” resource is a guideline of events to assist the NT in planning and preparing for the first few months of teaching.  An in-class coaching session, where the mentor watches the NT teach, provides growth opportunity for the NT with rich, professional conversation between the NT and mentor regarding best teaching practices as outlined in the Danielson Framework for Teaching model. Mentors will also assist the NT with the development of the NT’s PGP (final approval of the PGP is by the administrator).

In the 2017 spring semester of mentoring, the NT and mentor will continue to work together on the Survive and Thrive Resource Module, as needed, to assist the NT in planning and preparing for the spring semester. An in-class coaching session, where the NT watches the mentor teach, provides additional growth opportunity for the NT in his or her continuing to develop effective teaching skills. 

The NT can earn micro-credentials as part of the mentoring process to document attainment of skills related to his/her professional growth goals. Mentors will recommend competency-based resources from the BloomBoard Collections (formerly known as the BloomBoard Marketplace) and Arkansas Internet Delivered Education for Arkansas Schools (IDEAS) to the NT as he/she works to achieve Professional Growth Plan (PGP) goals and associated micro-credentials. 

Required Trainings 2016-2017 Novice Teacher Mentors

Principals must recommend those teachers who attend the face-to-face Mentor Training. The qualifications for mentors are on the Recommendation Form for Mentor Training.

Principals will also want to consider recommending to be trained as a mentor those teachers who currently teach or have experience in specialty areas such as Library Media, Band, Special Education, Theatre, Art, or School Counseling. 

•   New mentors and mentors trained prior to the 14/15 school year will need to attend the face-to-face training to be held at Co-ops.

•   Mentors trained during the 14/15 and 15/16 school year do not have to attend a face-to-face training but will need to view a mentoring update video. School District Induction Project Directors have access to the video in the Project Director Toolbox.

All trained mentors sign a Novice Teacher Mentors: 2016-2017 Statement of Assurances Form and give two (2) copies to the Project Director. 


•   Please contact your local Co-op for training dates.

•        Novice Teacher Mentors will receive updated training to support and guide their NTs through their first year.

•        The ADE anticipates posting additional videos throughout the year as resources to mentors. As the videos are posted, communication will be sent to the district Project Directors, who will then communicate to their district NTs and mentors.

2016-2017 Trainings for Novice Teachers:

Unless NTs have previously received training from their IHEs, school districts are responsible for these *required trainings or may request co-ops to provide these trainings. Districts are encouraged to differentiate training needs for novices based on the NTs’ preparation.

* TESS Law and Process

* Training on the Danielson Framework for Teaching

* BloomBoard functionality training


For more information, please contact:

Maureen Harness, Teacher and Leader Support Program Advisor
Arkansas Department of Education
Educator Effectiveness
Four Capitol Mall, Box 5
Little Rock, AR 72201
Phone: 501-683-4382

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